Baby Bats
Murciélagos bebés lactando de mini-biberones.


10/28/2011 12:52pm

se ven bien falsos

08/28/2014 3:14pm

Autistic persons can't read these expressions, but it may not be a terrible loss, because misinformation comes in many forms.

08/28/2014 5:59pm

When I realized that many if not all these eyes have come from photographs of celebrities or models, particularly the women, I was thrown off.

09/16/2014 10:41pm

There's a lot of valid criticism here for this test. Take it back and try again.

09/20/2014 7:53am

It's hilarious that this quiz is linked to an article about the benefits of reading Chekhov, when the quiz appears to composed of women from Maxim.

09/28/2014 10:51am

I thought the opposite about the female faces- I thought they showed genuine desire and interest. It's rare to see images of women these days (the images are pretty old) actually showing somethign that looks like desire, even when their bodies are being shown for the purposes of provoking it. It's one reason why Miley Cyrus, etc come off as so completely unsexy.

10/10/2014 9:53am

I consistently missed fantasizing/contemplating/pensive facial expressions - something I perhaps don't do enough so it's hard for me to recognize?

11/14/2014 10:03pm

I would take good odds that the mouths are significantly more recognisable than the eyes.


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